Michel Cluizel in Williamsburg

This little French chocolate shop caught our attention because of their unique set up. 

"La Petite Restauration"—this place is the exemplification of Williamsburg's absurd gentrification. That's the sad truth. But, their chocolate is out of this world, so maybe they get a pass?

The open-air, yet still inside, seating area is unlike anything I've seen in the city, or anywhere to think of it... The look of a Parisian Cafe with a Williamsburg BKLYN twist. 

The chocolatier inside is eager to talk about the chocolate, and plays the part of the salesman better than any chocolatier should. He managed to convince us to try their iced hot chocolate. It was pricey, around $10, so we were hesitant, but we folded. We decided to share one (because wtf $10 for a chocolate drink?!) and HOT DAMN WAS IT WORTH IT.

This 'iced' hot chocolate is, hands down, the greatest hot chocolate, iced chocolate, any version of drinkable chocolate, I have EVER had. It was thick and smooth, despite its iciness, and absolutely decadent in the best way possible. 

I cannot wait to return in the winter to try the hot version! And to spend an hour or two lounging in the cafe itself, I mean look at it! Absolutely fabulous!

279 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211